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30 juillet 2012 1 30 /07 /juillet /2012 02:12










 images by lola  



 IAMX 2445




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22 juin 2012 5 22 /06 /juin /2012 03:04



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21 juin 2012 4 21 /06 /juin /2012 16:31


tumblr mfuk0q6Tsa1ruki5yo1 1280

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7 juin 2012 4 07 /06 /juin /2012 22:58




this concert is the fuull live I was not able to watch the program because I lack of compatibility with my computer I think that's the same!?

mine is Cologne 2007

according to the infos, it seems that here ENJOY thx the facebook.com / pages / The-Uber-MOD

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7 avril 2012 6 07 /04 /avril /2012 00:25







Blandine Dubosc,


the artist who performed the plexiglas IAMX 5D




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4 avril 2012 3 04 /04 /avril /2012 21:37


I am happy to introduce

IAMX Song of imaginary beings dedication



More here : Veronica IN DREAM




For three years to follow closely IAMX, we wanted to do something ..

there were two requests for plexiglas-lights


Regarding this piece, it sagit to pay homage to IAMX but especially to a person of great kindness and that really gives me a lot of wonder in her work that I love, 


It became over time, my favorite discovery ..., magical!!


So here is a light inside, which has the particularity to give its colored shadow on the wall as the original vid '    ;)


while plexiglas, this  piece was cut according to the first character of paper created by Verena Jabs



Then a second version


...identical to the character of the beautiful video was recently completed by Blandine ! Cheers!!




When I did research to create this, Blandine has proven to me to be the perfect person
and I'm not disappointed to have my choice on Blandine,
an artist residing in a beautiful region of France
It is a very pleasant when an adventure is going well! which does not always happen
I know here,
Very magic, and fééric vibes
Thank you, with love.






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26 mars 2012 1 26 /03 /mars /2012 23:46




While today was a day to very difficult, I could receive an ad friendly

on the first group that I created to discuss around IAMX



and therefore, I am able to offer a fairly rare and quite enjoyable link


and you can enjoy the first part of a first IAMX live in Europe, Year2004, Berlin


Following happen but given the heavy downloading and sharing which proved that no before today,..

someone has decided to permit control of this system, it is easier to cut the entire download multi-party (this one is already putting around one hour with good equipment)


Thank you to read the story and consider the requests made around this DVD

to meet all the people who allow us to enjoy


spread the love






What is | 2004 | APRIL | BERLIN | ?

It is the title of an unofficial IAMX Live DVD. The show was filmed and produced by NANONANO PRODUCTIONS. A DVD made by the fans, for the fans!

Why is it called | 2004 | APRIL | BERLIN | ?

Because the show was filmed on the night between the 10th and the 11th of April 2004 In a club called Maria in Berlin. It was IAMX's first ever EU performance.

Why release it now, in 2009?

Originally the show was only released for a handful of IAMX fans, people that were at the show, in an edited form (the speeches between songs were cut-out).

Members of Iamxforum.com often refer to the 'good old times' of 2004 and everything BEFORE Reza became manager. For years they have claimed that IAMX was different then to what IAMX is now, but (with the exception of the people that saw IAMX back then) nobody can really understand what we mean since there is nothing to be found on the internet about IAMX in the year 2004.

Now, for the first time in 5 years, both the new and the old fans are going to be able to see (and hear) what the difference really is!

There are other reasons why iamxforum.com are releasing this DVD.
For a long long time IAMX (the management) has ' promised' a Live DVD. But that DVD has yet to come.  Also, iamxforum has build up a reputation that it complains a lot. They're constantly claiming to know it 'better' than IAMX management but not actually DOING anything. So they decided that it's time to show all the fans how it is done, we are releasing a DVD because we think the fans have waited long enough! The Teasers and the Trailers are not only to promote the DVD but also to show IAMX management how the fans think a succesful promotional set-up should be.

What is the tracklist?

1. Naked But Safe
2. Sailor
3. Skin Vision
4. Mercy
5. You stick It In Me
6. Your Joy Is My Low
7. Kiss & Swallow
8. Missile

How can I get my hands on a copy?

The DVD can be dowloaded for FREE from [link] . Registration is required, and instructions are available in a dedicated sub-forum.

You can share and copy the DVD as much as you like, but the people at iamxforum.com have worked very hard on this DVD (creating menus and extras), but the countless hours they have put in would be lost if only the video of the show is shared.

Because of this, they ask for this DVD to be shared as a whole DVD with all the extras. You can burn as many copies of it as you like and give them to your friends. You can copy the whole disk image and upload it, as long as you keep it as a complete DVD.

Ideally, to share it you could direct people to  [link]

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11 mars 2012 7 11 /03 /mars /2012 04:31

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6 février 2012 1 06 /02 /février /2012 22:42



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4 février 2012 6 04 /02 /février /2012 05:13


like  a kaleidoscope

you can make move the images 


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