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8 octobre 2017 7 08 /10 /octobre /2017 08:58

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8 octobre 2017 7 08 /10 /octobre /2017 08:41

Rare video with Tom Marsh IAMX "I'm Terrified " by Robert Hayman 

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8 octobre 2017 7 08 /10 /octobre /2017 08:31
Chris Mii created few months ago :)


cute is 




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8 octobre 2017 7 08 /10 /octobre /2017 08:14

Found in twitter an old awesome pic of me wearing IAMX ( pink ) tattoo and all the points meet again 



Most fall in line 
They do the dance 
And salute the safest thing 
Bought with their lives 
Cry and socialize 
And throw all the beauty away






I mentioned pink ! you know

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23 septembre 2017 6 23 /09 /septembre /2017 18:56


Some images of RID in the books .. Adorable to have added and can not wait to share and color <3

Robots in Disguise is a British band composed of Sue Denim and Dee Plume, two original liverpuldians playing a mix of rock, electro, pop and punk. They have a playful and DIY style and encourage the audience to come disguised to their concerts. Their name is a reference to Transformers: Robots in Disguise and they sometimes call themselves "Les Robottes" in French in the text. They are produced by Chris Corner alias IAMX and ex-Sneaker Pimps, the "third robot of the group" according to Dee Plume. They are based between London and Berlin. The group is currently in hiatus while Sue Denim released in 2012 a solo album.

The cover artwork is an homage to Roxy Music - Country Life. The models are Chris Corner and Noel Fielding (of The Mighty Boosh fame).



Robots In Disguise ‎– Boys

Recall ‎– RECALL 016
Vinyl, 12" 
Work on BOYS


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17 septembre 2017 7 17 /09 /septembre /2017 02:10

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16 septembre 2017 6 16 /09 /septembre /2017 19:49

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25 mai 2017 4 25 /05 /mai /2017 03:53


Chris Corner by me . He's in total black dress :


he come with a black dress and apartment Gothic and black cat ,


2 masks : available too ( annnd his guitar ! )





Chris Corner Mii
Chris Corner Mii
Chris Corner Mii
Chris Corner Mii
Chris Corner Mii

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9 mars 2017 4 09 /03 /mars /2017 03:03


Creative state vs reality ( with love included )


You know it’s hard to be creative and think about socially correct things


( or making money )




I already apologize for this because I should have been careful!


My way of creating can be confusing.


Thank you x for informing me about this <3




Ok .. 


It’s about  my book, ( or me in general ) 


Please take your time to check what / who is exactly 




The images based for create the images of the book 


Are images of people ,  on the web in first step ,


Step two is : PHOTOGRAPHY of a photography  


Is an art in proper term


After , i have to work on the final result i want :


I have to use a software from the USA for .


And in fact , after all , is not the images of anyone , just mines ..


If you have a problem because i have use your faces in this work , i’m really sorry


If i use your pictures for based my final result too ..



I am not surprised because the art includes so many themes


That it is difficult to know everythings



( i know i have a particular way to work ), 


Or even I can remove everything that concerns you if you are in my work <3


As well as explanations behind, and please, you will let me know the problem .


( By the way , I’m a little disappointed that you are so little confident 

with what I do because  what I do is with love, I thought I would not be noticed like


a thief ;)



But it’s possible to withdraw everything that concerns you if you wish !


If no one is disagree , i thank you for the trust , the love ,


the fact of you discovered my Street dream team 

Who promote you at the end! if you understand ..




I have in mind other things that lot of people to use a sector . 


It’s me, like ! And not for making money ! 


Lot of things i make is FREE like the wind , the sun , and smiles <3




When i have started a street team , i have taking some Personal initiatives like


I’ve been working like this since 2009 ' ( wooooow ! ) 


PDF can be probably available too and something like a giant poster to paint


Or more a colored wall paper .. i don’t know , i have to think . 




I have taking some years for this book ..


( first 3 pics in my flickr around 2011 )


About Artist and other inside ..  just for infos .



feel free to say what you think


Not a problem 


I just wanted to express myself in return for what I got from songs or videos


Or anything else that has made me feel good since I discover  <3 


It’s really powerfull and psyché really 



If you have a  complaint, I can propose


To ask me in writing the withdrawal of your appearance in my work


(including from the street team)


And if you wish, send me a legal request so that I can learn about my lack of






In this case 


I’m sorry to have appeared to you as a brainless person. 


We do not have the same opinion on what I do.




I have never stolen licensed photos without paying to sell anything, that’s the nuance .. 


But also understand that I do NOT USE a picture and sell it,


I do a real job on the basing images and to know people included




For that 

Perhaps people who taking “ basing photos ”  can be appear  in credit  


( But often i luv the images , and i don’t know the names  of photographer )


If someone can provide infos , please , contact me 





For explain the goal of this post and inform about the book :  


if someone have a problem ,question , infos , or something  


i offer to contact me for arrange it !






Psyché dreamy dedicated books are a limited editions

With ARTtrust certifications


Each is sold with its registration on ARTtrust


which protects  my rights / my works


ARTtrust is an art gallery.


Each book is numbered too


And comes with a hologram and certificates Well-packed , with postal tracking



The rear cover is also numbered


If this is a problem, you can notify me and I will delete you from the edition which


includes you / specific people




I offer a copy of the book or PDFs ( to choose )  numbered , registered


to the people who are in the book


or who have pulled the pictures on which I based myself to make the images <3



Please, Let me know what you think about it     xoxo


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7 mars 2017 2 07 /03 /mars /2017 08:17

Thanks for cool vid'




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