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  • - Paris - live IAMX Save the date November 8

    16 octobre 2015

    The Alternative is the second studio album by IAMX, released on 28 April 2006 in Europe and a year later in the UK and Ireland. It was re-issued on Metropolis Records in the US on May 6, 2008. It is the second IAMX album to contain tracks intended for...

  • IAMX Kiss and Swallow 2004 review

    02 mars 2017

    You can enjoy the album with some gifs from the first IAMX website and little parts of two videos tracks from Kiss and Swallow album . VIDEO 13/7/ 2004 First output In France Version still closed with plastic without video If i enjoying IAMX? I make lot...

  • Chris Corner Mii

    25 mai 2017

    Chris Corner by me . He's in total black dress : he come with a black dress and apartment Gothic and black cat , 2 masks : available too ( annnd his guitar ! ) Explore VeronicaGlass' photos on Flickr. VeronicaGlass has uploaded 3663 photos to Flickr. Explore...

  • Psyché Coloring book Limited édition IN PROGRESS

    07 mars 2017

    "To fathom Hell or soar angelic , Just take a pinch of psychedelic . " Declination psychedelic very limited edition of 100 copies of a coloring book Models: Sue Denim and Christopher Anthony Corner and other people relatives .. including non- colorable...

  • Metanoia musette 'Paris

    26 novembre 2015

    Musette : en #organologie, la musette est un instrument à vent, piccolo de la famille des hautbois, soufflée directement par le musicien ou par l'intermédiaire d'une poche d'air elle-même alimentée soit par l'instrumentiste (cornemuse), soit par une soufflet...

  • Pins face

    26 novembre 2015

    IN DREAM finally so close .. Changements ! there is talk of a large “household” In dream in over 4 years and it’s time to life dreams more than réver . Im in pause for some months for go out of Paris soon during this part of live , when we discover who...

  • Missile " bath version 1 " inspiration "Jacob's ladder"

    08 avril 2015

    Jacob Singer, un employé des postes new-yorkaises, est assailli de nombreux cauchemars éveillés. Il voit des hommes aux visages déformés et se retrouve dans des lieux qu'il ne connaît pas. Il est également victime de flashbacks incessants, de son premier...

  • What is your first live IAMX ? This is mine

    05 mars 2017

    Setlist : Bring me Back a Dog Nature of Inviting The Alternative Sailor I For An I Tear Garden I Am Terrified Song of Imaginary Beings My Secret Friend Spit It Out Nightlife Kiss & Swallow Rappel : Think of England The Negative Sex Skin Vision Presid...

  • Chris Corner - 2005 - BOF Les Chevaliers Du Ciel

    09 novembre 2014

    Publié le 26 janvier 2006 NazeJournal - Chronique d'album : Chris Corner - 2005 - BOF Les Chevaliers Du Ciel TRACKLIST 01. Attack 61 (C. Corner) 02. We Rise (C. Corner) 03. Into The Fire (Thirteen Senses) 04. Gonna Wanna (C. Corner) 05. Sugar Jukebox...

  • Don't miss the cards at night 🎀

    22 février 2017

    So ✨ Don't miss the #songofimaginarybeings to night 🎀#indreamveronica #night✨ #IAMX #chriscornerlove and other new cards in my flickr already 💋 #ChristopherAnthonyCorner All awesome postcards are available without postcrossing of course They are real...

  • 1990 EXPLODE

    29 janvier 2017

    Entire awesome videos here : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x59brho Event 9 to 22 January 2017 http://facebook.com/events/1643421739285729/ Come, share, dance? in front of your screens... , or , just enjoy! Make photos at home with 1990 's clothes?...

  • Creative state vs reality ( with love included )

    09 mars 2017

    veronicaindream.com/videos Veronica, Are you using our images to sell your art? I don’t remember having a discussion about this. What is your work , Veronica ? Creative state vs reality ( with love included ) You know it’s hard to be creative and think...

  • Paul Stone ( first IAMX band )

    26 novembre 2015

    Paul Stone ( IAMX President video - batterie ) I know finally who's the guy ... LOL Paul Stone Profile: At the age of 11 and not being satisfied with being an accomplished ‘air drummer’ Paul knew the next step was to find a way to nurture his inner sense...

  • 1996 ...

    10 novembre 2014

    "6 Underground" is a song by the English band Sneaker Pimps , from their 1996 studio album Becoming X . First released as a single in the United Kingdom in October 1996, the song reached number 15 on the UK Singles Chart [2] and had moderate radio airplay...

  • Song of imaginary Beings with pink Moon , Stars , sky

    04 décembre 2015

    After being enchanted by the original video "Song of Imaginary Beings" Sound /Voice by IAMX Video By Verena Paloma Jabs A promotional video and a masterpiece reworked slightly for the sake of having make a personal touch See the original video on Vimeo,...

  • First Myspace Street dream team pictures files

    05 mars 2017

  • What do you see...

    02 juin 2015

    chanel.com/-paris-salzburg-details https://www.facebook.com/chanel IAMX "Animal Impulses" inspiration

  • New IAMX METANOIA cover vs Quiet the mind

    22 juillet 2015

    Mister X at state of king of the reversal :) huge! me in front of new IAMX cover... Representation of death, you feel inspired ?

  • The Sex Has Made me stupid promo

    22 mars 2013

    The original image and the finished image for the promotion of single art concept design by Coco Career's Boutique ( Verena Paloma ) Model / Ignacio Heres Original version produced , programmed, engineered and mixed BY Cc (IAMX) in Berlin extra live drums...

  • About Kiss and swallow , 1st album

    13 juillet 2011

    Kiss + Swallow (CD, Album, Dig ) Recall , Recall RECALL 045 , 014-2 RE France 2004 ▼ Kiss + Swallow ( CD) Loser Friendly Records LFLP02 UK 2004 ▼ Kiss + Swallow (CD, Album) Tennis Schallplatten 000002-2 Germany 2004 TES ▼ Kiss + Swallow (CD, Album) 04...

  • Tear garden/Speelbound

    11 septembre 2011

    IamX'INSPIRATION?? <3 &nbsp;<a class="nopopup" onclick="return !window.open(this);" href="http://idata.over-blog.com/3/95/81/36/2011-9-11-15-32-copie-1.jpg"...

  • think harder

    20 janvier 2012

    You say a cult? but worship is not good, so just think dumb you are a lover? for lovers, kick! You appreciate something so hard that sweat and sweat until dry, then you are welcome in this realm of addiction but in no case there was talk of hatred, just...

  • IAMX,Berlin 2004@Club Maria

    26 mars 2012

    While today was a day to very difficult, I could receive an ad friendly on the first group that I created to discuss around IAMX : link and therefore, I am able to offer a fairly rare and quite enjoyable link and you can enjoy the first part of a first...

  • one that has been missed

    07 avril 2013

    One that has been missed ... Coz I only discovered a few days later ,and, I went to Paris in April to see the first time IAMX, after I received my greatest heat wave with "spit it out" my first real title to see IAMX is "President" and I remember that...

  • stunning: xxx pages in a Belgian magazine ...remember...

    23 avril 2013

    LE MYSTÈRE CHRIS CORNER Chris Corner, leader du groupe I AM X, se met à nu et joue au mannequin d'un jour pour notre magazine. Rencontre avec un artiste fascinant qui fait rimer tendance et prestance dans le plus élégant des flous artistiques. Il a choisi...

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