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9 mars 2017 4 09 /03 /mars /2017 03:03




Are you using our images to sell your art? 

I don’t remember having a discussion about this.

What is your work , Veronica ?


Creative state vs reality ( with love included )


You know it’s hard to be creative and think about socially correct things

( or making money )


So I already apologize for this because I should have been careful!


My way of creating can be confusing.


Thank you x for informing me about this <3




Ok .. 


It’s about  my book, ( my art in general ) 


Please take your time to check what is exactly : 


The images based for create the images of the book ( promotional purpose )


Are images of people , FREE , on the web in first step ,


Step two is : PHOTOGRAPHY of a photography  


Is an art in proper term


After , i have to work on the final result i want :


I have to use a software from the USA for .


And in fact , after all , is not the image of anyone , just mine ..


If you have a problem because i have use your face in this work , i’m really sorry


If i use your picture for based my final result too ..



But after all , 


I am not surprised because the art includes so many themes


That it is difficult to know everything


I can evidently write something personal for you with the ways of i work


( i know i have a particular way to work ), 


Or even I can remove everything that concerns you if you are in my work <3


As well as explanations behind, and please, you will let me know the problem .


( By the way , I’m a little disappointed that you are so little confident 
with what I do because 
what I do is with love,

I thought I would not be noticed like a thief ;)



But it’s possible to withdraw everything that concerns you if you wish !


If no one is disagree , i thank you for the trust , the love ,


the fact of you discovered Street dream team new version

Who promote you at the end! if you understand ..


That’s what i made ! Because


I have in mind other things that lot of people to use a sector . 


It’s natural ! And not for making money ! 


Lot of things i make is FREE like the wind , the sun , and smiles <3




When i have started a street team , i have taking some Personal initiatives like


I’ve been working like this since 2009 like , too 




Other artists will have their own dedicated book probably ..


Or PDF available from ETSY and make something like a giant poster to paint


Or colored wall paper for 1 wall , with .. i don’t know , i have to think . 





Beautiful people ..


I have taking 3 years for this book ..


About Artist and other inside ! just for infos 


Please , feel free to understand me well 

And feel free to say what you think ! Not a problem ❤


I just wanted to express myself in return for what I got from songs or videos


Or anything else that has made me feel good since I discover  <3 


It’s really powerfull .



If you have a real complaint, I can propose: 


To ask me in writing the withdrawal of your appearance in my work


(including from the street team)


And if you wish, send me a legal request so that I can learn about my lack of






In this case :


I’m sorry to have appeared to you as a brainless person. 


We do not have the same opinion on what I do.




I have never stolen licensed photos without paying to sell anything, that’s the nuance .. 


But also understand that I do NOT USE a picture and sell it,


I do a real job on the basing images




For that :

Perhaps people who taking “ basing photos ”  can be appear ,  in credit  


But often i luv the images , and i don’t know the names  of photographer 





For explain the goal of this post and inform about the book :  if someone have a


problem , i offer to contact me for arrange it !




REALLY SORRY for my bad English anyway and time you take for that .




My book is a limited edition…

With ARTtrust certifications : each is sold with its registration on ARTtrust which


protects me (protects my rights / my works)


Next , ARTtrust is an art gallery.


Each book is numbered, on ARTtrust , too


And comes with a hologram and certificates


Well-packed , with postal tracking


The rear cover is also numbered


If this is a problem, you can notify me and I will delete you from the edition which


includes you / specific people




Also :


I offer a copy of the book or PDFs ( to choose )  numbered , registered


to the people who are in the book / or who have pulled the pictures on which I based


myself to make the images <3



Please, Let me know what you think about it



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Angeline 03/04/2017 13:31

j'aime me promener ici. un bel univers. venez visiter mon blog.

Angelilie 25/03/2017 21:35

beau blog. un plaisir de venir flâner sur vos pages. une découverte et un enchantement.N'hésitez pas à venir visiter mon blog. au plaisir

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